Currently there are 38197 lootpics on the page.

Feature imageForum

The forum has been brought to life, but with another user system for a while - if you want to post, please register.you can make proposals for developing lootpic, report bugs and take a part in forum life.

Feature imageNew Option!

From now in general lootpic setting, there is a new option which lets you make lootpics by \"looking at\" items. By checking new option you will create lootpic out of items you have just looked at, without processing server log.

Feature imageSite update

According to the plans the site has been updated! We have changed the layout and logo, added multi-language content and fixed minor bugs you have noticed. From now most of the bosses in lootpics are showed with (mostly) orange border, to make recognizing easier. We have also fixed white background in few items.